Friday, 29 April 2016

Friday Fixings

Before I forget, I've learned what a FRIVOL is (thanks, Sue).  It's a small quilt kit usually packaged in a special tin.  Everything you need to make your quilt is snugly tucked inside. What a neat gift idea.

The tin also becomes a collectible.  So another mystery solved.

Doesn't this look tasty.

It is something called Turmeric Lemonade.  Son- in- law gave me a package of turmeric powder after both of us had read about the health benefits.  The recipe for this special drink was on Facebook so I gave it a try.

To drink Turmeric Lemonade  means you've got to like the taste of turmeric.  I do but maybe not THAT much.  (If you get my drift.)

Remember my need for more fabric?  Think it might be solved.  These arrived yesterday.
  Show and Tell next week. Yah!

I got to spend some time catching up on Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery which in reality means cross stitching.  One half  of Floral Bouquet almost all done.


But how about this...the famous David Beckham sewing doll's clothes for his daughter.  I wonder how is he with a needle and thread. Or does anybody care about that. LOL

Hope there is something for you to LOL about in your weekend.