Monday, 25 April 2016

What's a frivol?

What do I keep in my Russel Stover Christmas chocolate tin??

Why my Quilty 365 blocks and stitching  kit.

I've begun to sash them with some of the Brenda Riddle Ambleside fabric.  I figured if I waited, I would have a mammoth task on hand to frame 365 of these.

I've also decided to add a little embellishment in the form of an embroidered stitch or two to each block.

What a fun little project this is turning out to be.  More of the leftover bits and pieces being put to good use and each block gets finished so quickly.  Make no wonder so many have joined in this sew along or SAL.

I'm still catching on to the acronyms circling around the internet...imo for instance. Yes just figured that one out.

Ravel and unravel both mean the same thing.  I should know this as I'm quite the expert at whichever you call it.
Stash...special treasures all secretly hidden;  mine is actually in the dining room for all the world to -see.
Now here's one that is cute.
WIWMI- wish it would make itself
I'm wishing a certain pile of blocks I have could sash themselves or WIWSI.

So just what is a frivol anyway? 

I don't know but I've encountered it on my internet travels.

Lately the weather has been uncooperative for picture taking...either (rarely) too bright sunshine or (usually) gray, dull days that make it a challenge for my little SureShot to filter enough light. So I apologize that my photos are not that crisp.

This little snippet of poetry definitely applies to our 2016 April we have had and are still having.

                          "The sun was warm, but the wind was chill,
                               You know how it is with an April day."

 -                                                                     Robert Frost

Lots of robins around.  This one was part of a group of 11 that were hanging out in the back yard being very social with each other.  I think they may be nesting already.  But the temperatures are still below freezing at night so it makes a nest a chilly home.

And these two taken through the living room window.. show lots and lots of finches.

Sorry, except for the pinks and yellows, they still pretty much blend in with the ground which is all a little drab.