Monday, 4 April 2016

Ice Cream Cake, My Way

For Easter Sunday, I made the dessert for the family get together.  I usually make Carrot Cake for Easter, but I'd been wanting to make an ice cream cake and figured it was time.  My ice cream cakes are very of the reasons I love making them especially in the summer time.

Ok, should have frozen each layer before adding the next, duh

As a base, I always use a package of  oreo cookies pulsed in the processor to which I add 3 tbsp of butter. This got pressed into a 9 x 13 in. pan (since I was transporting this one, I made it in a large tupperware container) and popped in the freezer long enough to stiffen it up.  Meanwhile I had 3 containers of ice cream softened, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.  These I layered with a drizzle of caramel sauce between each layer.  I usually use Skor bars broken in bits sprinkled between the layers too.  I don't bother to freeze each layer before adding the next though it would probably make the finished cake look nicer.  The melting ice cream does tend to mix a bit by the end but really, once frozen it doesn't matter to me.
 On second thought, looking at that picture above, perhaps it would be best to freeze between each layer of ice would look much nicer.

So far, it's just been melting ice cream and pressing oreo cookies for the base...not hard at all.

The topping can be a large container of Cool Whip which really speeds up getting this done and into the freezer.  But in this case, because it was for company, I used whipping cream.  I sprinkled little cookie sprinkles and some chocolate curls over the top.

The only real work was the whipping cream topping.

I beat a medium container of cream with 3 tbsp of icing sugar.  Towards the end I slowly drizzled in a small packet of plain gelatin that had been softened in water and mixed with a couple of tbsp of water.  This, the experts will say, helps stabalize the whipping cream throughout the melting process when you go to eat the cake.  If not the cream would just be a sodden mess.
I find this whipping cream topping makes the cake taste more like the Dairy Queen cakes.

Why didn't I take a picture before it was cut...

I love desserts for company that you don't have to worry about, like whether something will rise or what it will taste like.  With ice cream, you already know it will taste fine and just about everyone likes ice cream. 
 I have not made this cake with frozen yogurt but I bet it would be good too.