Monday, 18 April 2016

Me on Saturday

Saturday and we got the promised warmer temperatures.  I could walk without a coat and gloves, in just my down vest.  Freedom!  Don't my puppies look good in this picture.

But there is still old icy snow in some areas of the trail that are in the shade.

The old apple trees in a row.

And just look at this...I was so happy to spy some real colour. Wonderful Coltsfoot I sighted in the ditch.  This is often the first flower to spring to life after a long winter, but we didn't need Coltsfoot to tell us this winter had overstayed its welcome. 
Such a hardy little plant, a cousin of the Dandelion, it can thrive in wet or dry, bright sun or a little shade.   

I've returned to look at it several times because it is literally the only thing bearing any colour at all so far.