Thursday, 28 April 2016

Old Woman Meditating

I love how the sun is shining on my hexagons in this photo.  So bright and cheery.  I am down to my last two balls of wool.  I think I will be reordering more in order to make it big enough for an afghan.
Love Knitting is a site that carries a wide variety of wool including the Stylecrafts and offers free shipping to Canada on orders $75+ and sometimes on special promotion it is free.

Saturday was a pensive sort of day for me.  I hung around in the morning kind of dilly dallying and didn't have anything to show for the morning hours.
 At one point I took a cup of tea outside and in my winter coat sat on the front step and watched the birds.  I noted that the Phoebes are back and nesting again above the garage door light.  There was also an odd bee, hundreds of them in fact, buzzing all over the lawn. Some kind of ground bee, I suppose.  There are so many.

                                    Slowly, the world is awakening.  But no buds here yet.

My Coleus plant (some call Painted Nettle) had sprouted little spikes of pretty bluish flowers.  I cut these off as the plant experts advised  but I did enjoy them for a few days first.

Later Murphy did her Retriever stance down by the swamp.  She always does it in the same place so we can't help but wonder what is attracting her attention. There are lots of red-winged blackbirds there presently which was all I could spy.  She becomes very still and holds a good 'point' something we are sure she was never trained to do.  She is a rescued dog like Rex.

            This is from Meditations of An Old Woman by Theodore Roethke, poems commemorative of his mother.  These six lines are just about my favourite of all Roethkes' writings.

                How can I rest in the days of my slowness?
                I've become a strange piece of flesh,
                Nervous and cold, bird-furtive, whiskery,
                With a cheek soft as a hound's ear.
                What's left is light as a seed;
                 I need an old crone's knowing.

Sad that he was a heavy drinker and suffered deep mental anguish, as so many of these genius types did.