Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Christine Walkden Drinks Tea Too


I just had to use this poster at some point as a nod to my sister.  Three of her favourite things are in it...C.S. Lewis, books and tea drinking.

What I've Been Watching and Loving

A BBC program called Christine's Garden.  It features Christine Walkden, a gardener who I gather is quite famous in Britain.  I can access the Season 1 all 6 episodes on Youtube and I've been meting them out.  

I'm enjoying Christine's dialogue and all the garden shots, as well as her conversations with her neighbours and friends.  Very down to earth.  The 'kettle is always on' kind of people.
 And wow, does Christine ever know her flowers, plants, vegetables and trees.

This is a story I enjoyed and  I got the link from Rhonda at her Down to Earth blog.
 It's a story about a gentleman and his house in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  An Interesting House and Interesting Owner . I was curious to read he lime washed his house regularly and this made the house so white it almost glowed.  My grandparents would lime wash their picket fence every summer so it always looked gleaming in the sunlight.

On the weekend, I thought I'd treat Hubby to some Newfoundland Raisin Buns fresh from the oven for breakfast.  While he took the dogs for their early morning walk to get the paper, I put together the simple recipe and had them in the oven by the time he got back.  I greased the bake sheet with coconut oil and it worked well.  Actually it made the bottoms lovely and crispy.
The recipe for Newfoundland Raisin Buns is at wonderful Rock Recipes.  Btw, I use slightly less sugar and omit the vanilla extract.  I figure we are going to use butter and jam on them so that's enough sweetness.

Just the best treat with a cup of tea.  And my special tea is still Vanilla Earl Grey.  So far, I can buy it only at Davids Teas.

I love the Queen and I am so happy for her to still be the reigning monarch.  I think she is unique and when they made her, they threw away the queen mold because there won't be another like her.  She seems to be in excellent health and I've read she drinks only Earl Grey tea.

 Here is a knitted teacosy featuring the young Queen Elizabeth by Teacosy Folk and their link is HERE


Wouldn't it be fun to imagine HERSELF uses one like this...