Friday, 22 April 2016

Sewing Sashes

Wednesday found me sewing sashes (try saying that three times) on my little blocks.  My, they have grown and at final count number 108; you'll remember I've been borrowing from the Farmer's Wife 1920's block designs which seem easier to me, certainly fewer pieces.

Traffic on the Farmer's Wife Facebook page has slowed considerably.  I know many people have finished the blocks they intended to do and I am in awe of what beautiful quilts they have made.  When you use a coordinated line of material you do have a polished looking finish.  And those new lines with the pretty turquoises and apricots look so modern and pretty.

 I have been busy!  I am sewing 10 in a row with 10 rows.  So I'll have a complete square which is most impractical for on a bed...just thought of that.  Hmm  But then would I want any of those hand pieced blocks on a bed...with Murphy jumping up.  Not a chance.

I'm planning on running the white sashing between these long rows.  I debated corner stones but decided there was enough interest in the blocks themselves.  Still have some straightening out to do and I am still finding erant papers squirrelled away in corners of the trickier blocks.
Here are the first six rows. Yes, I see Grandmother is upside down.  :)

Now this is what happens when working from the stash.  Things, as in use of prints, get out of hand. But I am happy to have depleted most of anything I had in my three bins that looked even vaguely 1930's.   There is a satisfaction in using up cloth right down to the tiny bits.  I even used up a lot of the whites I had.
 Yes, I know what you are thinking...this gives me the excuse to fabric shop!!

I am contemplating my next project.  It won't be the Splendid Sampler as much as the blocks are so beautiful.  I don't think I could enjoy it coming on the heels of the Farmer's Wife like it has.  But I have saved all the patterns for another time.

I am eager to work on applique.  To that end I've looked through a couple of my books.  I have my own Michelle Hill's William Morris in Applique, which is an absolutely gorgeous book. I keep it on my coffee table some days just to ogle the photos.
BTW, here is the link to Michelle's pretty blog, William Morris and Michelle. Always lovely photos and pretty things to inspire.

 Sadly I don't think my skills are up to working anything in Morris just yet.  It is my dream!

This edition of Quilters Newsletter included an article on beautiful landscape quilts.  They are really works of art, I think.  And lots of other good stuff to read too.

It also included the directions for making a cute wallhanging, one with a FOX on it.  They are everywhere!  I copied the pattern and added it to my wishful thinking pile.  Ever growing.

Downpours of rain here today so hope you are keeping dry, warm or cool, depending on the weather in your part of the world.