Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tuesday Round-Up

Wood Carrier

Yes, we still need our home fires burning, in our case, wood.  Most years, we have not needed to keep them up much into April.  But winter is clinging on this year. We have burned 6 cords of wood; all that we had stored in the garage and more that Hubby has been cutting himself.

Mess Maker

No 3 year old makes the mess that I do.  I must have earned my PHD in mess making by now.  I can't believe how many threads and bits of cloth I generate when I spend time quilting or stitching.  I am in the process of trimming my Farmer's Wife blocks into 6.5 inches on all sides.  This is a time consuming process with 80 blocks, which is how many I think I have made.  Cutting the sashing pieces is next on the agenda.

A failure

 These are Paleo pancakes made with coconut flour.  I looked around the net for a recipe and found one for making fluffy, it said, pancakes.  Mine were flat and didn't taste very good.  I think the recipe had a mistake in that it called for baking soda instead of what I think it should have read...baking powder.  Hubby used lots of syrup and said they were fine.  This made me wonder...has he got any taste buds left.  He says all my food is fine; believe me, if he thought these tasted ok then he is not my trusty taster like I thought he was.

Some of the critters around...

The gray squirrels in Older Daughter's back yard last week.  We all feed the birds and whatever other critters drop by.

The deer in Younger Daughter's back yard two weeks ago when we had Spring ever so briefly for a couple of days.  

Counting on indoor colour these days

                                                                      Parrot tulips.