Thursday, 7 April 2016

Should I Be Working Smalls??

I read blogs all the time where writers have a dozen (or more) projects on the go at the same time.  Usually they are very organized with each parceled in its own special container. Some assign a project to a certain day of the week.  My friend, Jenny, at Romany Quilting  has assigned each of her projects a number and rolls a dice to decide which she works on that week.  This is fun and is working well for her.  Every now and then, someone pulls out a UFO that is decades old, begins working on it again and gives it new life.  That is always fun to hear about.

 Of course, I too have projects coinciding....I love having a cross stitch or embroidery piece, something in wool and a quilting project all on the go at the same time.  I have to get each finished though before I can pick up another project in that category.  That's a little rule I try to stick to.

And I do need all know how I love looking and finding new projects.  I think at this point I have a couple of years' worth in my head.

Sometimes I think I should just work on 'smalls', little stitching projects where the end is in sight very quickly after the start.  I wonder is that more inspirational overall.

 Take for example my present cross stitch project, Grace Coolidge Floral Bouquet.  It has many colour changes which means juggling a lot of shades of the same colour which can get to be tangly (no pun intended).   This reminds me of the Magnolia bird and nest project I finished last year with all the shades of each colour.  Hours of work with just a tiny portion stitched.  You know what I mean.  But then the Finish is so fulfilling.

Moving down into the lower right corner- Progress!

 My ideal day is morning with quilting, afternoon on cross stitch or embroidery and evening with the hook or needles and wool.  There is usually two days a week I can achieve this...Super Happy Stitching Days for me.  Sooo grateful for retirement!

Loving crocheting these hexagons

I've been meaning to tell you I am taking part in the Jenny of Elefantz Stitchery Club this year.  So far I've just downloaded the patterns for later stitching.  I am so pleased, as I knew I would be, with the quality of Jenny's designs.  They are unique, professionally presented and so representative of Jenny's signature sweet style. What a keepsake.
 The link is Jenny of Elefantz to read more about this club plus all her other wonderful offerings.

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