Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Art Worthy and Foxy

There are some crazy talented people out there. And I'm drawn back to foxes to highlight some of those talents....this will be the last time I write about foxes I promise.  It's just that I spied a fox the other morning on my way to Daughter's; it almost seems serendipitous that I see them.

Littler grandson is just beginning to love Peter Rabbit and to say big Oh No's whenever this fellow appears on the screen.  Mr. Fox.  This version was made by Paula Drage and is totally needle felted.
Her Flickr page is here to see what else this talented lady has made. Such a life -like medium.

Here is another clever project.  This little purse is what one imaginative person, Diana Art, did with Snowflower's Diaries' SAL January pattern.  Click Here to check out her Facebook page showcasing her other interesting pieces. And I love it stitched on a blue background.

And in keeping with a foxy theme...

Helen Richman's fox embroidered on white felt is magnificent.

Helen Richman combines her love for wildlife and embroidering in her work. Helen first draws her design onto tissue paper to tack it onto white felt, with the resultant tacking stitches becoming her guide. She then employs a hand embroidery technique called “silk shading” using stranded cotton threads. Each needle will have one strand and Helen will have up to 10 needles being used at the same time. She then builds up the texture and colour of the fur slowly, creating a few stitches at a time.:

So like the real thing!

I have to show you this photo taken by Chayleigh Arsenault in Prince Edward Island and passed around by CBC.  What a beauty!  But if this is her house, this is a little too close for comfort, I'm thinking.

Look Below

Isn't this beautiful?  It is a knitting pattern called Fox Paws by Xandy Peters and can be found on
Ravelry . This particular piece is from Yarn Harlot.  Stephanie has a wonderful blog, writing about her knitting and all her other adventures.  I've been following her for years and in fact included a free pattern from her in my very first blog post. I loved following her progress with Fox Paws till it became a shawl/scarf ; not only warm but remarkable.  I think it's a work of art.

Image result for fox paws knitting pattern free
foxpawsscarflong 2015-02-06

It is considered an Intermediate level pattern, well beyond my capabilities, but oh wouldn't I love to be able to knit this! Foxy indeed.