Friday, 18 March 2016

Ides of March Fall, Blocks and MadAddam

Ides of March and I was out on the trail with the dogs.  Lower levels of the path had snow turned to ice so I was skirting around the patches carefully avoiding the chance of slipping and falling. Suddenly I caught my foot on a bunch of saplings that had been trimmed low to the ground and I took a hard full body fall.  There is always that brief moment of disbelief when you find yourself lying on the ground; could this be happening sort of feeling. Then immediately the taking inventory of possible injuries.  Relief when you realize nothing seems to be broken.
 Here's what hurt though....right hand thumb, right thigh, left kneecap, right side of face.  Yes, my face.  Apparently I didn't have time to put out my arms and my head brought up short on a clump of old candley snow. I got myself up and continued home, calling to Hubby as soon as I came through the door to come see what I thought for sure would be a series of injuries.   There wasn't a mark on my body.  My face was a little red from being scratched by the frozen snow. That was it.  Two days later and only my knee cap is still hurting.
My main worry, not my face, was my right hand thumb.  Yes, my stitching hand.  It still hurts a little when I bend it but I can sew and crochet fine with it.  WHEW!

What I couldn't get over is how uncaring the dogs were.  They didn't even notice I was lying down on the ground which you'd think would strike them as just a bit odd.  Just kept sniffing whatever. Fat lot of good they were. LOL

Sooo thankful not to be hurt though.

A few more Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks.  Please forgive me if I've shown these already.  I hope I'm not boring you by showing these from time to time.

                                           This one still has papers so looks a bit bumpy.

This is Charlotte number 3.  I've enjoyed making this one and playing around with the design a bit.

Above is my library book, MadAddam by Margaret Atwood.  I enjoy the writing but the story is not one of my favourites.  The characters just have not grabbed me in either book making up the trilogy.  I think your mood is vital to how you react to a book such as this one. I'll blame it on that.  Meanwhile, I must point out that someone before me underlined in ink, certain phrases and sentences throughout the whole book. It really bothered me.  I can't imagine doing that with my own book let alone a library book.
The accompanying cappuccino was delicious though.

From Thankful Me hoping there is lots in your life this weekend to be thankful for too!