Thursday, 17 March 2016

Spring and Deer, Flowers and Chicks

Another wildlife mystery photo for you.

Can you spot the deer in this photo?

I have no problem spying wildlife from the car.  However, by the time I pull over, get out the camera and in this case adjust my little SureShot for a close up, said wildlife are suspicious and are on the run. (Which is exactly what they should be!).  I saw four beautiful deer all together but by the time I took the photo they were exiting the scene.

A little cropping at home brought three into focus.  Just like that fox I took, I'm amazed by the camouflage their colours provide for this woodland environment.  Only their white tails give them away.

Such beautiful creatures I don't know how people can shoot at them, but being a meat eater, I don't judge.

I wanted to show you this photo too so you could see the advancement of spring in the fields.  Yes folks, spring is occurring ( as Ness would say on Gavin and Stacy).

The signs are

daytime temperatures above 0 degrees
water dripping from the eaves
Canada geese flying overhead
the air filled with birds singing
farm equipment on the roads
getting too hot outside for my old brown down coat

My indoor plants continue to benefit from the longer daylight hours...

and the new little shoots are growing faster all of a sudden.  I wonder how many new African Violets are waiting in these clusters of leaves.

And for a little spring sewing, how about these cute (and easy) felt Chicks from Sew Lah Tea Dough blog .  They are designed by a clever lady who generously offers a tutorial on how to make them.  Also a great project for the kids.

These are about my speed these days as the Farmer's Wife is sapping all my sewing skills and patience for angles and triangles.


On a tiny sad note, Murphy found a dead ruffed grouse yesterday.  It looked to be in perfect condition so I don't know why it was dead.  I took the time to admire the colours and patterns on its wings and body before placing it back in the woods.