Monday, 14 March 2016

A Photo of Me and My Morris Inspired Acorn

I know I talk a lot about William Morris, the most wonderful designer.  But working on my Morris inspired Acorn by Nicola Jarvis, has made me think about him.
Just look at this...

What do you think of these two main colours together? They are very pleasing to my eye...what would you term them...terra cotta,  pale orange, tans, grays, soft navy blue?  I can picture the most striking quilt made of just the shades present in this one sample.


It would be quite remarkable.  And of course, Morris produced thousands of such designs.

Mary Corbett at Needle and Thread  alerted us to the crewel offerings at The Crewel Work Company a wonderful little place on the net run by Phillipa Turnbull and her daughter, Laura.  Their needlework kits are exquisite and I like the way they have helpfully labelled them by difficulty, Levels 1, 2 and 3.


I just love the expertise that the long and short stitches in the petals of this flower showcase.  It is a section of the kit called Lady Anne's Flowers.

And here is moi showing you my Acorn stitchery.  It is starting to look filled out and in fact, I just have the large 'cup' of the acorn left to embroider.

Is it my imagination, or am I steadily gaining more forehead!  Eek. I'm going to need to stitch myself some hair. Note how I am cleverly holding my cloth to hide the biggest parts of me....namely hips and thighs. lol