Tuesday, 8 March 2016

It Goes On

I know he said this but I wonder did he write this.  Legible writing if that is the case. Which by the way, the present generation won't know how to do with so many school districts no longer teaching cursive writing. 

Here in my life I've been thinking about this.  I marked one of those sad silent anniversaries recently and was surprised by how many years I have been marking it.  First I thought I'd probably remember it for 10 years, then the 20 year mark arrived with me still noting the day.  I now realize I'll think of it till I die or become demented. (Whichever comes first, ha)
 So many of us have an anniversary like that, one unmarked and unknown by other people, but one dear to us.  Remembering is important.

I just love this song and especially as sung by the wonderful Sarah McLachlin , I Will Remember You.

And she asks, Will you remember me?  Because basically we all do want to be remembered even if it be in very small little ways.