Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I Save That Too

When an elderly aunt passed away and the family was cleaning out her house they found a box of rectangle pieces of cardboard, hundreds of them.  Someone recognized they were the little pieces of cardboard that come in panty hose packages.  Amid the laughing about why she would keep such things, I could only smile.  Because in those days I used to save them too (in the days when I wore pantyhose).
 I always thought the cardboard was too "good" to throw away.  In my defense I found lots of uses for it.  I was always cutting it into templates for some drawing or other at school.  I remember using it for dividers in shoe boxes (yes, I saved those too) for sorting things I was saving. Nowadays if I had them, I would use them for quilting templates.  There's lots of odd bits of cardboard available to use anyway so I don't miss my old source
I fit in well in this house.  Whenever we need something, Hubby goes to his workroom in the basement and you can be sure whatever he brings up from there will be a vintage item.  I laugh sometimes because it often looks to be as old as I am.  Which it probably is because Hubby inherited his father's work stuff who was also an engineer and a saver. Then the fun begins watching Hubby try to fit these museum quality pieces  to modern day devices.

Speaking of saving...
Here is the barn with my little greenhouse on the side there completely snowed under.

And here is a close-up of one of the sets of wide swinging barn doors (taken during the snow storm so that's what those white streaks are).  The wood to cover our barn was all recovered from an old barn structure that was found on this land when Hubby built here 40 years ago.

Barn wood twice over.  No one knows how old it is and it still looks amazing; even has its own woody beauty.  
There is a little mystery out in the field.  Several very long pieces of timber.  Very very long, obviously planed, too thick to be flag poles too long for a house beam.  We've stood looking at them and speculated as to what the pioneers must have used them for.  Can't figure it out.  

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