Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Confusing Crochet

Last weekend, I enjoyed time to just sit, watch Youtube and get on top of the new-to-me crochet block, a hexagon, I had in mind to learn.  I realize this is pretty basic stuff to you wonderful crocheters but for me it involved learning a pattern I'd never tried before.  I found several videos and first completed a granny square hexagon which is still in my comfort zone and seemed easy to catch on to. Not confusing at all.  I just couldn't resist trying several colours of the Biggan Design yarn.

 Then it was on to trying to complete a solid hexagon which is a variation of the block with the stitches organized in a different way. That was what Jane Brocket had used in her afghan which had been my original inspiration.
This video at Yarn Obsession on Youtube was wonderful to follow.  If only I had found it first!

Here was the confusing part.

I looked at several videos plus checked a couple of written patterns.  At first I wasn't catching on and then I realized why.  There is no one set list of instructions for making a solid hexagon.  There are a number of variations with everyone finding the one they like best, I guess. For instance, some patterns have chain 2 between the double crochets, some have chain 3.  Some do not have distinct 'corners' and are more rounded hexagons.  I was trying to take what I liked from each pattern and incorporate it into my own and it got very confusing.

 I did a lot of raveling back before I realized I would have to settle on one pattern and stick with just it.  My goal after all, is to be able to crochet this in front of the t.v. (Yes, a little lazy, I know.)
Think I finally got that mission accomplished.

I do like the idea of a little flower type center so I will be doing that rather than the solid colour center.  What do you think?

I bought enough white yarn to outline each hexagon which would make the colours really pop.  Oh dear, just thought of the eventual joining of these hexagons.  Will it be like the Y seams in quilting...not really fond of those!  Oh well, cross that bridge when I come to it...many months from now.