Monday, 28 March 2016

Crocheted Hexagons and 4 Inches of Quilt Blocks

I was so worried about the deer on the weekend.  With several inches of ice coating all the ground, the females who are pregnant this time of year would definitely have a terrible time searching for food.  During various ice storms, I've read how the deer population can actually crash so I know ice rimed fields can be devastating.

Meanwhile I made sure our feeders were full and our little flocks of chickadees, mourning doves, bluejays, juncos, and various finches were well fed. A number of red winged blackbirds joined them at times.  Hubby and I stopped to watch a large bird performing a display in the field one day.  Couldn't tell exactly what it was but it had a wide wing span and stayed in the position for a long time.  I think it may have been a turkey vulture because they have returned as well.

I'm enjoying having a wooly project for the evenings to accompany my t.v. viewing.  These hexagons crochet up quickly and the lovely jewel tones of the colours are cheering.  I've continued with the idea of the little flower centers just to add a bit of interest.  This Biggans Design wool is wonderful and has a different feel from other yarns I've worked with.  The strand feels dense or solid, maybe because it is merino and I'm not used to it.

I now have about 4 inches of Farmer's Wife blocks finished.  Another way of measuring progress!

I will soon have to think about sashing these, GULP.  Not at all my favourite part of the process. My  bad eye for straight lines is at the root of my problem. I can't trust myself to see where I've gone off. I've bought a supply of white Kona fabric for the sashing purpose and when I can get my nerve up to begin.

See how happy these little seed packets look.  It's getting close now.  SOON I will be able to get these started.  The downpours of rain predicted for today will wash that ice away, fingers crossed.

 "As the garden grows, so does the gardener."