Friday, 25 March 2016

Healthy Brownies, Yes There Is Such a Thing

There are so many different ways to eat these days...pure Paleo, almost, and sometimes, Mediterranean, Raw Foods,   I have family members trying to eat 80%  Paleo.  I'm trying to avoid labelling what I'm doing... eating just ingredients, minimal processed food, and keeping meals simple.  But there is a part of me that balks a little at going all the way with this.  Like I had McDonald's last week with Grandson including an ice cream cone.  I lack the ability to adopt a particular diet and eat only that 24/7.  I'm not sure why that is. And no one has to tell me I probably undid 4 days of 'clean' eating with that one Big Mac meal.

But in my own kitchen, I'm pretty consistent with what I cook.
Here is a combination I cook quite often...potatoes and tomatoes with a little onion fried in avocado oil served up with a little balsalmic vinegar.  Simple but tasty.

I know some Paleo purists would not eat potatoes but to fuel my mostly Irish makeup, I have to have my potatoes.

Anyway, back to the Brownies in the title...I came across this link  from  Julie at Knitted Bliss  for 4 ingredient Brownies, which satisfy any number of diets.  Brownies are Hubby's favourites so I gave them a try this week.

                                          Pin Ups and Link Love: 4 ingredient brownies|

They were good, definitely chocolatety and the banana did not completely overwhelm the cocoa.  I would recommend them. Also very moist.

Hubby had his with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and strawberries.

By the way, Julie posts her Link Love and Favourite Pins every Friday and they are always a varied and wonderful collection of things she has found around the net.  Definitely worth checking!

I just came back in from breaking up the ice around the bird feeder and scraping ice off the feeder holes. A very gray and dangerous underfoot Good Friday.

Hope you are not having to tread so cautiously where ever you are today!