Friday, 11 March 2016

Tunisian Crochet, Biggan Design and Quilty 365

Sharing again...

This photo of a scarf turned up in the morning's feed.  If I didn't have a few projects started plus a few in the wings(eek), I would certainly be launching into this one.  I also love the wool the clever folks at Purl Soho have paired the pattern with.  Equally cleverly, they always seem to choose an easy pattern for these showcased items, something we can all work out.

This one is done in crochet, Tunisian Stitch.  Beautiful for a scarf and the colours the Alpaca Pure yarn come in are lovely.  I like this Paprika Red colour.  Since my hair has gone white/gray, I seem to be favouring the brighter colours.  Is that something anyone else has noticed?

While at the  PURL SOHO site, check out the pattern for the No-Purl Ribbed Scarf; that's right- no purl in that design.  You hold yarn in front which I think mimics the purl part. Anyway, it looks real easy.

Paprika Red 1160


Speaking of wool, I've received my parcel of wool all the way from Australia.  I'm very happy with the wool, especially the feel and the colours.  This is  Biggan Design and as I was their very first customer in Canada!, they included their colour chart for future reference.

                                                           What pretty shades.

Now my work learn how to crochet a Hexagon block.  I'm going to rely on Youtube for instructions.  I'm like the Little Engine, I think I can, I think I can.

My 'Moon Quilt', as I've come to think of my Quilt 365 effort, is steadily growing.  Some very interesting variations of this project are floating around the net leaving me to think...I wish I'd thought of that, over and over.  People are just so clever and creative.  I admire it all.

I am genuinely using just scraps for this and loving how it can eat them up.

It's very mild outside; eaves are dripping and the snow is taking quite a beating.  Wouldn't it be heavenly to think winter is done for 2016.  But I mustn't dare think that, might jinx things.

This weekend will find me on my stitching sofa in front of Youtube learning that crochet pattern.  I'll let you know how I fare.

Meanwhile, hope there is something interesting to learn during your weekend too.