Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Silver Thaw and a Bit of Reading

Freezing rain is a very common weather phenomena here in the Ottawa Valley.  Often there is accumulation of several inches before it changes back to snow or rain.  Only once was I caught out in slippery driving conditions and it was slightly terrifying.  I don't think there is a more sinking feeling than when you realize you have no control of a car while driving.

Someone asked me what ice riming a field was as I mentioned in my last post.  I have several photos on file from 2014 when we woke up one morning to the whole forest around us coated with ice.  I took several photos and this one shows well just what riming is like.  The whole of each pine needle on the tree was encased in ice.  With sun shining it is a spectacular sight.  At home we call it Silver Thaw as this usually occurs when the season is warming and thawing is happening concurrently with freezing temperatures.

 Freezing rain ended and the Easter dinner day, Sunday, was lovely.  Daughter hosted the families with a large roast beef dinner.  Using their homemade noodles, they served an appetizer of pasta with lobster tail sauce. Very special and delicious.  I brought dessert which I will show you soon.  Littler grandson enjoyed his chocolate treats and the attention he got from his aunt, uncles, grandfather and two grandmas.  A typical family gathering for many at Easter time.

Besides the usual laundry, floor moppings, dusting and bringing in wood (yes, we still need fires), I continue to spend happy hours with my sewing machine and constructing more blocks for my Farmer's Wife.  I think I'm a little addicted as I don't really want to stop this project but I am using up all the vintage looking bits of fabric I had on hand.  75 blocks, which was my goal for this quilt, is within reach.

I read this magazine recently, Country Sampler, one of my favourites.

And thought I'd show you a couple of the things I found.

Keepsake cookie cutters.  Walnut Creek will make a mold of your child's hand and engrave their name and date on it as a special momento.

 I know it's not Christmas time, but I loved this wreath featured; the large gingham ribboned bows are really nice.

I finished this book on the weekend.  I've read books on all the First Ladies and several on Jacqueline Kennedy.  I'm totally fascinated by these wives and the kind of marriages they maintained.

I don't think there was really very much that hadn't been already told.  However, it did emphasize how traumatized she was by the assassination and that she probably suffered post traumatic stress for the rest of her life.  Quite likely and sadly.