Monday, 21 March 2016

Do You Ever Do This?

Do you ever do this?

Clean the house and do the chores one day just so the next day can be a guilty free craft day.
 I do that all the time.  Friday I came home from babysitting, put a Delissio Rising Crust pizza in the oven and set to work.  The bathrooms got scrubbed while a load of laundry was running.  The floors got vacuumed while the laundry was in the dryer.  The laundry got folded while we watched Inspector Morse.

I was so efficient (for a change).  Reminded me of my working life days.

Saturday was an icy cold, brilliant sunshine, bluest of skies day.  The dining/sewing room was flooded with light and Jocelyn was there on her sewing seat right after morning coffee. I paused the production line to take the dogs for a walk and to photograph the birds at the feeders.  So much activity there these days I just had to have a watch.
The red winged blackbirds are back; all males scoping out their future nesting spots.  It boggles my mind that they have travelled from the southern United States, a distance of over 800 miles.  I'm more than happy to provide them some sunflower seeds which they have earned!

A note about these particular designs.  I'm using some patterns from the Farmer's Wife 1920's book for my last 25 blocks.  There are mistakes ( known errata as it is termed; hey, we're all human) in the 1930's book patterns...not at all the author's fault.  Apparently it is the publisher who made the errors and they are being corrected for future printings.  But I figure I am challenged enough as it is, LOL.
And I feel very happy with having completed 50 blocks that I really liked from the book all with EPP.

I used my machine to  stitch the blocks with bigger pieces and it felt good to see progress like this...four blocks in one day!!  As much as I love EPP, it is really, really slow.
I finished up at about 4 p.m. in time to think about supper.  Then found I had a sore neck from all the bending.  Oh well, an advil later and I still think my day of stitching was worth it.

Do you remember me talking about finding house shoes that would be comfortable, light, and quiet on wooden floors?  Daughter wears this particular shoe at her work where she is on her feet for shifts and mentioned to me I might find these good too.

They are Sketchers and they are light, comfortable and have soft landings.  Though the soles are a little thick for indoor use, they are otherwise great.  I'm very happy with them.

Winter still clinging here with very cool temperatures but the sun is providing some compensation.