Saturday, 28 February 2015

Winter Woes

Canada- A few acres of snow.


Can the earth be so far from spring?
 The roads now are snow-banked and we are back to knee deep snow on the walkways.  A sharp-as-needles wind blew today and I didn't want to take off my gloves when refilling the feeders.  This season has been rife with frost warnings and road hazards -ice, black ice, slippery ice conditions warnings (as if ice is anything but...), and white outs.  I wish we were allowed to use studded tires or better yet, chains.  I understand in some provinces you are. 
It seems the weather is our most important topic here in Canada, but we can't be blamed for that. We just  have so much of it, no matter the season.  And so much of our weather, if it doesn't describe us, certainly describes our activities.   I heard this on the radio, forecast for today bad, tomorrow, worse. Ahh, February.

Meanwhile back inside...
This is the shawl I am knitting.  I have used 2 balls of the wool and have 1 more to go.  Wish the photo could show just how lustrous the wool is and it is also not doing the blues justice at all.  It is wonderful to knit and has worked up very fast.

This was a post from last February and I was interested to see how the weather was affecting my writing at the time.  Even more frigid this year, and I just heard on the radio that  many birds have died because of the cold temperatures.