Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Drawing and Stitching

I had decided a while back to stitch a scene for my blog header.  I tried out all sorts of wintry scenes before settling on the idea of a house.

I drew any number of houses starting off with a bungalow similar to the one I live in.  Somehow a bungalow did not show the kind of warmth I wanted to portray.

Here are some of my scribbles.  I had three ball snowmen in the beginning but decided I liked the two ball ones better. Hubby wondered why there are three snowmen...as in who has three of them in their front yard.  I started with one on the right but then the front of the tree seemed bare so more snowmen grew.  I liked the idea of a road in front but had to give up on it. I began with a bare leafed tree but it seemed too stark for a little happy scene so I changed it to a fir tree.

One of my drawings and the colours I wanted to use...

I used coloured leads to bring up a little colour on the fabric and after one failed stitched piece, I was happy enough with the next one.
A winter scene is certainly in order; parts of Canada are being constantly bombarded with snowstorms.  We don't get the wind for storms here, but it steadily snows and the accumulations eventually mount.

I hope my little stitched house conveys what I set out to show; a warm welcome to all.