Friday 6 February 2015

Leonard Cohen Be My Man

The best thing about being around people your own age is you know each others' references.  For instance, you just have to say 'Suzanne takes you down' and some of us know exactly who we are talking about.  The man himself, Leonard Cohen, was considered so "cool" as a poet way back when I was in university the first time around.
This was one of my favourites and keeps showing up in my journals over the years.

But Leonard has endured a remarkable career as a singer of his poems.  His work is shared and enjoyed across the generations.  Who can forget K.D. Lang's rendition of his Hallelujah at the Vancouver Olympics. I remember a commentator at the time being almost speechless; he just said, powerful, over and over. I have it on a tape in my car and it never fails to stir me.  Here is a Youtube video of her singing it...

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