Thursday, 12 February 2015

Gillian Anderson, I'd Walk a Million Miles For One of Your Smiles

Are you watching "The Fall"? It is one of the few shows I put down my needle to actually watch.
 I have become intrigued by Gillian Anderson's performance in that series.  Every word from her lips is delivered in such a deliberate, measured manner that I am beginning to find her the eerie one.  She is not a 'wordy' character to start with; so it is probably her subtext that is alluring to me and so I can't wait to see her again each week.  Obviously her acting chops are up to snuff. Smile. Usually it is the serial killer who garners the attention.  But after Dexter, Paul Spector is a little dull and sadly predictable.

Yes, she's slow at doling out the smiles, but I guess that adds to the mystique.

'I have jumped from relationship to relationship pretty much my whole life' … Anderson.

Meanwhile, back in my life....

Today was a dithering kind of day, some sort of listless day with no real meaning and not much to show.
  I hemmed and hawed over all my numerous old lists.  My problem is not ideas; they seem to blossom uninvited in my head mostly to annoy; no, my problem is action as in a big lack of it.
 I visited my sewing room in the basement.  It was in ship shape order when I left it in the fall, but running in and out and poking things down there, seems to have upended the place.  And it's too uncomfortably cold just yet to get in there and organize it properly.  I couldn't find the particular UFO I had in mind, so after a couple of deep sighs, I left the place to languish in its messy state some more.
 I know I sound like Miss Othmar, the teacher in the Peanuts cartoon, whining on.  (A trombone was used to give her that distinctive voice, by the way.)

I've tried three different patterns to use the wool we found in the basement and I'm not happy with either of them.  This wool, by the way, I now realize is part of another UFO from my deceased mother-in-law.

It's not the wool's fault; it's mine.  I think I am so used to using heavier, worsted type yarn that I am not good with this much finer wool.  And too, I'm not that familiar with gauge so should know more about that before tackling a pattern. These balls are missing their labels so no help there.
 But you know how it is; it takes so much time to set up a pattern on needles and you have to knit four or five inches to see if it is working out, only to have to unravel it, yuck.