Wednesday, 25 February 2015

That Feeling When You Begin a New Stitchery

Feeling impatient and teary when I am normally patient and stoic I took my temperature.  Perhaps I am sick and don't know it.  But no pretty normal; then it hit me...maybe this is what cabin fever feels like.  I've lived in my share of isolated places so you would think I would know what cabin fever is, but I can't say I do.
 The cougar talk has stopped me from doing my big walks and just dashing to the bird feeders is not enough fresh air and exercise. And though I'm not an exercise lover, I know my body and mind feels better for it, especially if I can get it outside. In a bit of a doldrum I guess.
Lately I've been inside for four or five days at a time.  Even stepping into the garage is like walking into a freezer.  Maybe it's my age.   Anyway, that's enough moaning which I can't seem to stop doing ... Sorry you had to listen to that.
On a positive note, getting in lots of stitching time!
I'm feeling pretty good about finishing up a couple of projects lately so I decided to reward myself by starting a brand new embroidery.

This is a cross stitch kit by Anchor called "Wren and Magnolia".  It features the art of Jill Schultz McGannon.    The bird and nest with blue eggs are sweet.  I started to feel a little lighter as I prepared the aida cloth.  When I was ready to make the first stitch I began to feel excited.

It's fairly large...almost 14 x 14 so that's a lot of counting.  I think I will use a pencil to lightly shade the squares as I stitch just to help me keep track.  When I was younger, I didn't need to fiddle around with such an aid.

The embroidery floss colours are soft, earth tones.  As I'm noticing more lately, I can only work on this in daylight.  Poor eyes won't take the counting of the tiny holes at night even with my special lamp.

When I was ready to make the first stitch I felt my mood brighten. You know that feeling you get when you are just starting a new project you know you are going to love working on, that's what I was feeling. I'm working on the nest first and will save the best, the bird, for last.