Thursday, 19 February 2015

Who Rescued Who

Perhaps you have seen Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory" using this little gadget to test the temperature of his cup of cocoa.

My hubby got one for Christmas and just loves it.  He doesn't use it for his tea or cocoa though.  He can sit on the sofa and aim it at the wood stove and tell how hot it is burning.  This is important information; if it is too hot he has to get up and turn down the air control lever, but if not, he can sit tight.

Another gadget and this one has many uses.  It is a camera with a special purpose.  The long tube or scope can be inserted inside something like a pipe, engine, under boards, walls or any dark or hard to reach area  and it will show you what is there.  This has already proved helpful because hubby lost a cotter pin inside an engine and used this to locate it and retrieve it.
 Just a thought, but remember the tree with the new round holes in it I showed you a photo of; I wonder could I use this gizmo to look inside and see if an animal is there.  Worth a try.

When I saw this mug, I knew immediately it belonged to my husband. He has shared his home with dogs all his life and most of them have been rescued.  He admits that when living alone, the unconditional love of his dogs, the happiness they showed when he came home, the reason they gave him to walk every day,  was enough to keep him going.  So yes, who rescued who?