Monday, 16 February 2015

Quilted Wall Hanging: Now an FO

Another UFO I've been finishing up...

This started out from a little cross stitch kit I bought several years ago.  It features a few items of Newfoundland and Labrador, namely the provincial bird, the puffin, and the provincial flower, the pitcher plant.  At the time I think you could buy a similar design for each of the Canadian provinces.
After finishing the cross stitch, I decided to make it into a little quilted hanging.

I made a drawing of what looked like waves which I thought an appropriate motif for a province on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.  I used that to guide me in adding a little hand quilting to the top and  bottom of the hanging.

The side seams are actually much straighter than the photos allow, by the way.
I just sewed the ends last night and added a couple of ribbons to the back for hanging.  So I'm going to say this is no longer a UFO but an FO (is there such a thing?).