Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Knitting Again

What's On My Needles

Finally settled on the wool.  I made my way to a local shop called WoolTyme where I know they offer one of the best selections of wool around.  It is located in an industrial type park and though the entrance is an unassuming little doorway, inside it is huge and the bins of wool go on forever.  These are sorted by gauges so right away I was able to find the aisle I needed for my Mistake Rib scarf pattern.  The price ranged from about $3 to $15 a ball in my aisle.  I chose an in between wool perfectly suited for a scarf that cost just over $5 a ball.

I'm finding this Patons Classic Wool very soft and easy to knit. It is labelled DK for double knitting which basically means it is an ideal weight for socks, scarves and sweaters.   The strands do not separate or get pesky in any way so it's smooth sailing/knitting.  The colour, Claret, is actually a deeper burgundy than the photos are showing.

A night of Breaking Bad (finally up to Season 4) and Land and Sea episodes got me to about five inches completed.  So far, so good.  I like how the 'rib' is turning out.
A fact I came across in searching out wools... New Zealand has 4 million people and 40 million sheep.  My lovely New Zealand fellow bloggers can correct me if that is wrong.
 Make no wonder though that so many wonderful wools originate there.