Friday, 20 February 2015

The Velveteen Rabbit Still Brings a Tear

All the wisdom I needed to know in life, I could get from this book. I think the messages apply more than ever, being real in an increasingly unreal world, how life breaks us all in some way, and how love is the answer... loving each other is always the answer.

I used to say that if there was a book I wished I had written, it was The Velveteen Rabbit.  But Margery Williams had that honour.
 I've read it countless times to many children, including my own, over the years.  I usually tear up at certain passages like the following...

 The little stuffed rabbit has just asked the horse how do you become real.
And this is his answer.

Timeless and touching; all the sweetest of elements... a little boy, his attachment to his stuffed rabbit, described beautifully as "fat and bunchy" and then the lonely rabbit's aching longing to be real to reunite with his best friend .

Being real, a wish fulfilled, a transformation achieved through love, friends united, a simpler world  ...
make no wonder I love this story.