Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bone Broth, Cherries and HalfPops: Good Enough to Eat

Daughter made a gift of this first 'new to me' food item.  It is something called beef bone broth and, unknown to me, certain nutritionists have been whipping up interest by making amazing claims about its goodness. Immunity booster, inflammation reducer and longevity promoter, to name just a few.
  I always boil leftover chicken bones for the basis of my soups and keep extra frozen in the freezer.  I'm sure what I have after 4 or 5 hours of boiling must be close to bone broth.

Pretty bland looking and rather bland tasting actually.  I think I will add a few vegetables and a little salt and pepper to drink the rest.  This came from a local farm, Agape Gardens, and is just one of the nutrient-dense foods they are producing.
I wonder what their Kale Chips would taste like.


I've been reading a lot about dried cherries.  They are larger than my dried cranberries so have a more satisfying chew to them.   I love the sweet/tart flavour. I add them to yogurt, my smoothies, sprinkle a few on top of hubby's cereal. I'm loving them in my salads too.  I won't bore you with the nutrition facts but cherries are a good source of copper and essential vitamins.  

What Are the Benefits of Dried Cherries?


If you like a satisfying crunch to your food, then this snack food is for you. I can thank the other Daughter for discovering these.

Marketed as a curiously crunchy popcorn, these are partially popped kernels and dense in flavour.  I like the individually packaged sizes which have been scientifically proven to help curb snacking.  A great snack I now keep on hand.
I bought the cherries and the HalfPops at Cosco, by the way.  Haven't seen the HalfPops anywhere else.