Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Walk Fast Or Freeze

Bundled up against the -25 degrees C (up from -35 C overnight)  and out on the woods trail through the property...I'm trying to get my daily dose of fresh air which nobody needs telling is good for you.  Just look at how blue that sky is.

And off we go...herself has to be leashed, sadly, because she will follow her nose into the next county to track a scent.

At this point I have to start moving faster to keep up which is good for me.
Rounding the completely snowed-in greenhouse there on the left below.

She's stopping to see what I'm doing, always a chance of a treat (Labradors love their stomachs!) but no it's a camera.  Rex never lets us out of his sight.

I stopped to look at this old tree stump, in particular to examine the fresh holes that something had dug in it.
I was struck by how perfectly round each hole is.

                                                  Just look at those ears...real beauties.

 I'm making this a faster walk than usual and not because of the cold.  A farmer in nearby Carp came upon a cougar in his barn this past week.  Luckily the cougar was able to exit without passing him or his horses.  Though there has never been a case in Canada of a cougar attacking a person, I'd be concerned about the dogs. Sightings of this cougar have come to light all around us.
But on this walk, just a few chickadees are the only other living things I spy.  Endless tracks though.
 Forty-five minutes later: safe and sound at home.

                             And snoozing in front of the stove.  Notice Murphy, the diva, claims the kitchen dog bed.

                              I'm tired but happy too.
                             And a bowl of  homemade ham and pea soup is so warming.