Monday, 23 February 2015

Kitchen Living and Jenny's Chocolate Crunch

We are doing a lot of living in the kitchen these days.  I'm dragging more and more of my hobby stuff to the big chair in the corner that is closest to the wood stove.  We had a little break in the frigid temperatures but then it snowed steadily yesterday and though the forecast said 2 to 4 cm, at least 15 cm actually fell.  Last night when I was cooking supper and deciding on a dessert and the snow had stopped, the view out the kitchen window had such a pretty blue cast I had to take a picture.

I couldn't resist trying this recipe for Chocolate Crunch that Jenny at Romany Quilts had posted last week.  It is super easy with just a few ingredients and makes a quick little sweet.  Hubby loves all things chocolate so I kind of knew he would like it.  I had a piece too and it is very tasty.  I baked mine in the oven which gave it lots of crunch.

I didn't have a square pan so baked it in a round...

Don't worry, when I 'faired' it up to make squares, the cut off round edges made an extra crunchy treat.

It is delicious and  hubby loved it. 
You can find the recipe at Romany Quilts,  the post for  Monday, February 16  and here is a link: