Monday, 9 February 2015

Godzilla Watching Over Me

Weather forecast showed snow before morning so I decided to make my way to daughter's house the night before.  That night I slept in the spare room where grandson stores some of his treasures.  On a shelf above me was his collection of Godzillas.  I should have felt very safe knowing that the various guardians of the galaxy were also looking over me.

It made me think of how lucky for me to have been with him long enough to see him move through these phases of his childhood.  I remember so well what an ardent Thomas the Tank Engine fan he was and how that phase lasted much longer with him than other kids.
  When he had to choose a Christmas gift this year for his new cousin, he picked a Thomas toy.  He gave it to his aunt and said," this is something from my childhood", sounding for all the world like he was 20 rather than 10.  But yes, he has moved far from Thomas and now loves all these action heroes and is always keen to add to his collection.
And I note the changes.  He gave a big whoop one day in the car when he spotted a Porsche; he could name the model to my surprise.  Just when did he learn about cars.   Sometimes he wears those hoodies the bigger boys wear.  Every time I see him he seems a little taller, a little more mature, a litlle different from who I am used to.

Selfish me feels sentimental about this.  Sigh.