Tuesday, 24 June 2014

For Our New Little Angel Mug

This little mug was one of my finds at the second hand store.  It was interesting to me as it had an unmistakeable vintage look, what with the porcelain crackle and wear and tear on the gold trim.  The name on the bottom reads Napco china, original hand painted followed by a number.  It is decorated with pink roses and around the top is the phrase For Our New Little Angel in gold.  It is a sturdy little thing with no cracks or chips.  I looked around on the internet for information and found out that Napco was a china company in Cleveland, U.S. and for a decade or so also imported much Japanese pottery, china and the like.  Many of the company's figurines resemble Hummels and they produced quite a lot of product in their time.  The companion mug to mine is almost identical, just a different flower and the phrase reads For Our New Little Shaver.  I found one of those on ebay selling for $28.99 with a ten dollar shipping fee.  I finally found a mug like mine on a U.K. site selling for $4.99 with a whopping shipping fee of $17.75 (probably where that seller makes their money).  Anyway, I am using mine as a toothbrush holder presently.  I'm thinking the original intent was for the child to use this mug herself, but it is really a little heavy for a tiny tot to hoist.  It is sweet and I'm glad I bought it; the 99 cents was well worth it.