Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Musing about Kim Novak

I read about a woman who after a certain age, could not look at herself in the mirror without crying.  I imagine a couple of things about this scenario.  She must have been beautiful all her life and older age must be ruining that beauty (in her eyes).  Perhaps aging is harder on the beautiful people; letting go of all the glory of beautiful skin, hair and body must be hard.  I guess there are no guarantees about how each of us ages,either.  Just because you are beautiful does not mean you will age well and we all know people who are not aging well at all so it is a real phenomena.
What got me started on this topic was seeing Kim Novak at the Oscars.  I remember her well from her youthful glory days.  Then she was a slim blonde beauty with a sweet face and look all her own.  She was much touted for her looks and she wore clothes to accentuate her beautiful body.  I did not recognize her on the 2014 red carpet, but then, I haven't seen her in several decades.  But even so, her look was a surprise.  Obvious plastic surgery and a middle-aged body completely obscured the movie star woman of my memory.  I felt sorry for her for this reason.  I can't imagine how hard it must be to be in a job where you have to look no older than 20 all your life.  It would be hard for a 40 year old to do that, let alone a 60 year old.  Life is hard enough and just coping with all the things we can control is a challenge at times; imagine trying to manage and change what we can't control.  Being human means fraility with age, and there is no stopping that.