Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Needle, Thread and Fabric Meeting

"I cannot count my day complete til needle, thread and fabric meet."

Are you familiar with this very old and quaint saying, so old no one is credited with actually saying it.  I looked around before using it and couldn't find a name to attach.  I like it though and feel it is very much me.  Just as my reading helps me cope with so many of life's ups and downs, so too does having something to keep my hands busy.  I always look forward to the moment when I can pick up whatever is the latest project.  And for me the pleasure is in the doing, the process, not necessarily the finished product.  (Sometimes I wish I did have more of the latter in me!)

Here is Block U and V, another of the smaller blocks.  I wish now I had deepened the purple on these violets.  I stitched this at a time when it was the dead of winter.  I wonder how different it would look if I had had that lovely carpet of dog violets to inspire me.  I think the colours would have been improved.  There is nothing like the real thing as a model.