Sunday, 29 June 2014

Garden Update and Travelling

I have a little gardening update for you.  The beans are growing really well and have started their trek up the trellis.  I am pleased with eight or nine of the pumpkin plants; they have developed a number of good sized leaves and have grown larger.  Some little bug almost devastated the tomato plants but it looks like three or four will survive.  I have them caged quite hopefully that they will need it later on.  My row of beets is coming along nicely. As in every year, I wish I knew more about growing vegetables.
 The sunflowers and morning glories are about a foot tall and growing very well.  The transplanted geraniums had me worried because though they were very lush and green, there wasn't a bud in sight.  This week a number have appeared so I think I will see flowers again.  All the marigolds, butterfly flowers, sweet williams, pansies and various daisies  I sprouted in the greenhouse are growing well. The hostas have taken hold in all their various locations.  The ivies I brought in doors last year for the winter and are now on a trellis at the front of the house, had a bit of a rough go for the first several weeks.  Now though they are sprouting new leaves and brightening up, so maybe will do fine. 
I am leaving on a trip to visit my parents.  They are in their eighties now so my time with them is feeling more precious.  Happily, both their great-grandsons will be with me also, so it will be quite the treat for them all to see each other.  I won't be writing while away...

Hope your garden is growing and your fingers are busy...take care of you.