Saturday, 28 June 2014

Like Sugarplums, More Dancing Projects

Summer is usually my 'finishing school' time when I take myself in hand to get projects finished and put away.  I think I came by this habit from my decades as a teacher and summer being my days away from the job so I could give the time to any of my stitching projects not finished during the winter.
I had to put away my most recent crochet project through no fault of my own.  Remember those circle in a square granny squares?  Michaels ran out of the particular yarn I was using and I had to wait three weeks for them to restock.  Luckily for me they did and I was able to buy four more balls to finish up this particular project.
 I am also almost done a wall hanging with embroidery and patchwork quilting and I will show you that when it is finished.  I am doing some hand quilting which, while slow, is enjoyable.  I got a little hung up on that project too because I began the quilting and decided I didn't like the particular batting I was using; it was much too heavy for a hanging and also, it was hard to poke a needle through.  I had to do the dreaded 'unsewing' and now have switched to a loftier, lighter batting and liking this much more. 
I still have pillowcases I want to embroider as gifts.  I'm still finishing all the bits and bobs on my Gardener's Alphabet.  I almost bought more wool while I was at Michael's the other day.  It was a Lion's Brand called 'Amazing' and it was very fine, mohairish, with the most beautiful dark variegated colours.  I was ever so tempted but managed to tear myself away after giving it a good fingering.
Like the Christmas sugarplums, I always have so many projects dancing in my head.