Thursday, 12 June 2014

Clothing This Body Woes

I just went through my summer things to see what else I might need.  I well remember the days when I didn't need too many hot summer day items; but now living in southern Ontario a summer wardrobe gets lots of use.  We just had four or five days straight of sunny and sometimes scorching hot weather.  I, somewhat reluctantly, ventured out to shop for a few new duds.  I have a big complaint about shopping at my age.  The stores that provide clothes I would actually wear are getting fewer and farther in between.  Maybe (mistakenly) but I don't feel quite ready for the senior style women's clothes but maybe I need to get myself used to that idea.  I noticed when I was looking around a number of things that bothered me.  Here are a few of my pet peeves I noted from that excursion :-

#1 Sleeves on cardigans that are too narrow.  I don't know who has these skinny upper arms, certainly no body in my age group.  Not that I have those bat wing arms because I don't, but I can't wear a sweater if it feels too tight around the upper arm/shoulder area, and so many great sweaters I tried had this basic flaw.

#2 Scoop necklines that are too low.  I like the idea of a nice neckline but so many are just that tad too low for comfort, for me anyway.

#3 Zippers on blouses or tops. Also buckles on clothes in places where they are not functional.

#4 Fake or no pockets.  I love real pockets.

#5 All these different waist heights...pants all seem to have different levels these days...some sit at the waist, some below, some far below.  It's confusing to me and I certainly don't want pants falling off my derriere.   

 While I'm at it I'll add another pet peeve, this one about boots.  High winter boots where the calf area is too tight.  I always have to try on boots to make sure I can manage to get them over my calves...and again I don't think I have unusually thick ones, but maybe....
And  still another one...why women's clothes are so much more expensive than men's.   A man can be so much better dressed for the same amount of money; that seems unfair to me. 
 I am surprised that so many stores still cater to the teens and young people.  One of the sales ladies at the mall told me the majority of stores in any mall are focused on the 17 to 34 year olds.  That seems to leave out a lot of the population that still need to be clothed!