Saturday, 14 June 2014

Angela Lawrence's Needleturn Applique

One of my goals is to improve my ability to applique.  I love the technique and the last project I worked on I remember being impressed with how fast it could be finished using this method. My problem was in keeping my stitches to a tiny, consistent size yet be strong enough to really hold the fabrics together.  Of course, it takes practice to gain real proficiency in such fine handwork.  I imagine all the seamstresses of old were able to easily achieve such tightness in their stitching in order for the clothes they sewed to be used and worn, which they were.  I can picture a shirt I would sew with my present capabilities...a sleeve would be letting go before the wearer made it through the door. 
In light of this, I am always on the lookout for a good instructional book on applique.  Many assume you already have a set of skills and present projects, though interesting, too intricate or 'artsy' for my level of ability.  I think you can tell from the photo that this book is bright and colourful and in fact, you would be right.  I found this book on a list recommended  in one my needlework magazines and was lucky enough to get it at the library.  Needleturn Applique by Angela Lawrence is published by the same folks that put out the Knitbook I told you about before...Landauer Publishing
There are step by step instructions to show how to prepare all your fabric shapes- various ways of making templates, transferring these to your cloth and then of course, lots of clear photos on how to work the applique stitch itself.  This was the section I was most interested in.  Included as well are full size patterns for completing nine projects and any of these can be used alone or mixed and matched to create your own unique designs. 
Angela also provides a list of web sites for inspiration, ideas, and obtaining the tools and materials she recommends in this book.  Her own web site is
This is another book that is a good resource and I am thinking about buying a copy to add to my tiny needlework library.