Friday, 20 June 2014

Bachelor Buttons and Eckhart Tolle's Book

Growing up we always called these pretty flowers Bachelor Buttons.  Now I  know they are named Oxeye Daisies. Whatever their name, we have an abundance of these throughout the fields and they are so pretty.  I understand the farmers do not like them though; if the cows eat them, it gives the milk an unpleasant taste.
 Every day now new wildflowers come into bloom.  Meanwhile, the marigolds, butterfly flowers, pansies, and daisies that I planted are growing but no buds yet.
I just returned to an old book for inspiration.  I borrowed Eckhart Tolle's  A New Earth Awakening to Your Life's Purpose from the library.  I remember when it was published and seeing this author on Oprah.  I also tried to read the book before but found it too hard for my little brain at that time, and I'm not kidding about that; I find philosophy hard to read and understand and this book is just that.  It is written in a simplistic, easy to read manner, but don't let that fool you, the meaning is deep.  My frame of mind seemed to be more receptive to the messages in the book this time round.  I made some notes to help me clarify what the words meant and I am trying to do a couple of the exercises he believes will help increase your level of consciousness and understanding.  I do believe in the power of concentrating on your breath, in and out, to slow thoughts and relax a busy brain. I try to do that any time I have my blood pressure taken during my check-ups and I always have good readings, so far.  I don't know, who knows, maybe it will help somehow.