Monday, 23 June 2014

Nature... Heaven Under Our Feet

"Heaven is under our feet, as well as over our heads."

Weather permitting, I do my little work-out outside.  I watch the tops of the trees and the birds flitting about as I do my jumping jacks and my little run around the property.  Today I thought about how nature is all encompassing here in this setting.  Before my eyes opened this morning, I could hear the bird calls and just lie there listening hard trying to distinguish which was which.  For I do seem to have it in me the need to name and identify.
Yes, nature flows around this house.  It is saturated in bird sounds, poured on by rain, warmed by the sun, shadowed by all the tall trees swaying this way and that, the grass and tall flowers hugging its sides. Other than the front lawn and back bit too, the land is as it was more or less since pioneer days.  The farmed areas are on the left past the swampy stream.  I like how I can walk through woods that have not been interfered with, where nature has been allowed to have her way with all the bloomings and dyings of the growing things. As haphazard as it all looks I  know there is an intrinsic  harmony there, a rite of passage for each item.  All in its own time, its own manner of seeding and springing to life and then withering and returning to the soil.  I  wish I  had that sense of harmony in me; I know there are lessons there, calm and peace that understanding can give.  I know I'm feeling more my connectedness to nature with living in this place, so I keep trying...

Close Up of Pretty Sunspots