Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dame's Rocket and Furry Children

Dame's Rocket

 It took some researching before I was able to find the name of this plant and I hope I have it correct.  It is tall, leaves alternating, flowers are flat with four petals, and form themselves into an umbrella shape at the top of the plant.  The flowers are that unnameable colour between purple/lilac and violet. I'm thinking this is a wild flower called Dame's Rocket.  Apparently it is quite a renegade because all you read about it is negative; usually its picture is accompanied by dire warnings from the botanists to never let this grow in your garden.  It is one of those invasive species who if given half a chance will take over.  We have several thin clumps of it around the house and so far, it just looks pretty.  I've been pleased to see the butterflies and bees seem to like it too.  Pass any farmer's field and you  notice the sides bordered by an abundance of Dame's Rocket; it makes a pretty purplish show. I wonder will it try to creep into the corn rows which are starting to get high now, btw.
  Lately it hasn't been too hot.  We get to open the windows. Opening all the windows to achieve a cross breeze is so important when you live with two big dogs.  The air can (and does) smell so doggy; I don't complain (too much) because our dogs mean so much to us.
  Did you hear the Pope warned people to not make children of their dogs and cats because in the process they might forget to actually have children?  I wonder what the figures on that are.

 Dogs and cats make such wonderful companions there's no denying.  I know we dearly love our furry fellows.  Just take a look at how much I love them.  And when the vet saw them last month she gave me a lecture on not 'loving' them so much.  In my defense, I don't give them a lot of treats and I think it should be factored in that they are getting older and not running quite as much as they used to.  After cutting back just a little, I notice Murphy is already starting to get her 'middle' back.