Sunday, 22 June 2014

Not a Housey Person

I am reading Rachel Joyce's book Perfect and one of the characters  makes the comment, " I am not a very housey sort of person".  I think it is a great line and one that applies to many of us living in the country, especially now that summer is upon us.  I am feeling the pull of the outdoors on  these days when the sun is making dappling shadows of the trees and all I can hear are the various bird songs each wanting to be identified.  I believe in it too; I mean, I think it holds therapeutic value to feel the sun on your body and breathe the fresh air for longer bouts than just running to your car.
This is when it is especially great to have dogs.  They are always watching and hopeful for a walk, and how mean would it be to ignore their sad, begging faces. So yet again, their antics work and I reinforce the watching and hoping they spend so much of their time doing, by leaving my chair and hitting the trail with them. Their joy at being out and about is contagious.  I can't help but feel lifted too and all the newly opened flowers I spy are just a bonus.