Monday, 1 September 2014

Birthday Talk

Here I am in my birthday caftan.  It is very lively with red and orange poppies and sunflowers.  Though it is not slimming, it is very comfortable and because it reaches to the floor, I can't do certain things while wearing it.  Like housework...
                    So here I am back and another year older.  Birthdays are strange events at my age.
                    I don't really like them and not because they mark another year older; I'm glad enough
                    of the privilege to be doing that and so aware of all the people who don't reach my age.
                    So, no it is not about marking aging, it is more about disliking the attention.  You
                    know the blowing out of candles and opening of presents with all eyes on you.
                    That is a small complaint really.  I'm just much more comfortable when it is
                    someone else being feted and sung to.
                    But that foolishness aside, I do feel blessed to have people who want to give me                      presents and  bake a beautiful vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream frosting for me 
                    to cut.