Thursday, 11 September 2014

My Danish Cross Stitched Pictures

It is time I showed you a few of my efforts from this summer of 2014.  Today I have photos of the cross stitch pictures I finished in August.  I already told you about this book from the Danish Handcraft Guild which features the designs of Gerda Bengtsson, Cross-Stitch Patterns in Color I just love them and thoroughly enjoyed working them out for myself on my 14 count aida cloth.  I hope to also work on her lovely flower patterns sometime in the future.

Picture #1 is a weather design and I love the umbrellas.  It is just a light rain though, perhaps a sun shower because there is a large yellow sun represented in the corner.  

Picture #2   This is a tiny Christmas scene with the old red brick church in the top.  The family are obviously choosing their Christmas tree.

Picture #3  What I really like about this one is the way a windy day is conveyed with just a couple of stitches placed here and there.  It is the same way talented artists can show movement with a few brush strokes.
These three little vignettes all show aspects of community life.  In the book there are also patterns for people skating, children playing ball, and men gathering wood.  If you like cross stitch, but don't want to take on a large project just now, these would be enjoyable designs to render.