Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Embroidered Felt Hearts

My Christmas project proceeds...
I am continuing to work on the felt ornaments, on a good day, getting an hour or two in the afternoon and another hour at night.  The felt is, for the most part, enjoyable to use but I'm having a problem holding it in a frame to keep it steady.  I cut all the shapes first and some are too small for any of my hoops and I am accustomed to embroidering that way. It is interesting  playing around with the colours and different stitches. I love how each will be unique. 

And now I'm trying out some new forms using applique to make the tree and snowmen.  These are not finished yet and I'm still undecided about what to stitich around them. Perhaps Noel or Merry Christmas.  I no sooner decided I would stick with the hearts theme this year, when I realized I could do so much more with a rectangle or square shaped base.  As soon as I finish these, I will explore that.