Sunday, 14 September 2014

Two Frying Pan Breakfast

Being Sunday and all, it was a two frying pan breakfast. Actually it was more to do with the book I am reading than it being Sunday. I woke at my usual time around 6:30 and read for an hour and half and the book I was reading whetted my appetite for a solid breakfast.

 The book, Life after Life by Kate Atkinson, chronicles the lives of members of a British family before and after the first world war.  The family do their share of eating and in particular, the breakfasts seem immense.  There is always toast, porridge, eggs of one kind or another, bacon, kippers, deviled kidneys(?); well, it all just seems so over the top hearty.  As I was reading, I became hungrier and then happily remembered we had bought peameal bacon at Costco and knew I would be serving it up  for our own version of a hearty breakfast.  And it was good.

Our conversation over bacon and eggs was just how did the English stay slim with all the hearty fare and endless cups of tea and biscuits.  But hubby said just how much fat is in one Peak Frean biscuit, anyway, which is to say, the English also know how to be happy just nibbling.  I know he is. 

A little Christina Rossetti for you....

All things that pass
Are wisdom's looking glass;
Being full of hope and fear, and still
Brimful of good or ill,
According to our work and will;
For there is nothing new beneath the sun;
Our doings have been done,
And that which shall be was.