Monday, 8 September 2014

Ticks and Bush Hogs

This is a photo of our woods trail taken  yesterday. It is quite grown over and needs the low brush cut back.  To tell you the truth, I've been more nervous walking there this summer than ever before.  I watched a documentary on ticks and read an article about how people now think tick bites can cause long ranging health problems sometimes lasting a lifetime.
In the video I watched how the scientists wore long  pants stuffed into socks and tall rubber boots because ticks can latch onto bare skin just as you walk by.  I was amazed at how many ticks they were able to collect by trailing a piece of cloth over the ground for a half hour.  Because an unfed tick is the size of a poppy seed, it is so easily overlooked unless you take the time and effort and know what you are looking for.  We have always gotten proper tick preventative medicine for the dogs from our vet.  They wear these necklaces that supposedly repel ticks and we have never had a problem.  I've never thought too much about myself and ticks but I did this summer because the article also identified Ottawa as a high risk area.  And I think our land, the borders of tall grass giving way to trees and forest, with water on two sides, is apparently the kind of breeding ground ticks especially enjoy. 
Our walking trail definitely needs a good cleaning to widen it again so we can use it without worry about picking up unwanted little passengers.  This has set Hubby off on a little research for something called a bush hog, which he says we really need to do the job right.  Just yet another thing I'd never heard of before.  Like I said, so much still to learn...